Seeking happiness? Start with happy driving.

Many of us spend a considerable time of our waking lives driving. (If at all we try to do the otherwise i.e. spend our sleeping lives driving, it may well turn out to be the last drive and the last sleep :). Is there a relationship between the way we drive and the way we behave in our day-to-day lives? Moreover, can we change our day-to-day lives by changing the way we drive? A cockroach, that lives a secretive life in a car and can read minds, thinks so and tells the story of his experiences with his host family and his bumpy rides on the road. In an action packed weekend that has everything from a wedding ceremony, a drinks party to a spiritual discourse, the story unfolds as the covert guest draws interesting meanings from people's driving habits. If you are up for it, enjoy the read and the ride.

Did you know - all your good & bad habits show up clearly in the way you drive.

Once you form a habit in one area of your life, it shows it's effect in other areas as well.

You can acquire the habits of successful people, while driving.

If you are so fragile that a random person on road can upset you, success may be far away.

What People Say About Us

" I bought 25 copies to give to my friends. Easy read and lucid. An entertaining novel and thought provoking at the same time. The author very intelligently proves that every habit of ours shows up in the way we drive and how we can develop good habits by observing ourselves while driving, how we end up being a slave of our circumstances rather than taking charge of our lives, how we can practice forgiveness and move on. Entertaining and informative at the same time.

Chander Chawla

" I never thought that if we want to bring a positive change in our lives, we can do so just by observing our thoughts while driving. Very innovative. It blurs the boundary between a self-help book and a novel.

Swati Mishra

" Great book. Author picked small things happening around and explained those with great meaningful explanation. Kudos to Author :). Must read for everyone.

Ajay Singh

" A wonderful book, it's a funny fable with a very beautiful lesson. So I recommend everyone should read it once.