Why this Book?

Why this book?

How to play good cricket

How much time you save when you drive fast

How to improve your performance in bed

How to know about others' performance in bed

How not to reveal to others about your own performance in bed

How to be in harmony with your surroundings

Do you wear down your mind everyday by stress or do you make it more mature & composed

Are you decaying your body fast by straining it too far

How to be a good communicator – with your family, your friends, your children, your co-workers, with strangers

How to enjoy differences

How to enjoy when others are drunk

How to enjoy your own drink to the fulleste

How not to display the characteristics of a gay, if you are not (with all regards to gays)

How to practice happiness

How to fix your karma record book

How to make sure you get good treatment when you die

How rich you are by heart

How to tell whether a person has a king's heart or a slave's heart

How rich you are going to be eventually

How to practice forgiveness

How to drive without stress

How to practice patience and equanimity

How to travel happily ever after